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ime for this, and had always performed to the letter the last commissions left by those who were doomed. The lieutenant did not wa

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nt to pray. “It could do no good,” he said. “God knew about as much concerning the disposition it was intended to be made of his soul a

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s he could suggest to him.” The captain took a quarter of an hour to make his peace. Both were shot. Men commonly die at

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God’s appointed time, beset by Guerrillas, suddenly and unawares. Another of the horrible surprises of Civil War. At



first, and because of Quantrell’s presence, Kansas City swarmed like an ant hill during a rainstorm; afterwards, and when the dead

officers were carried in, like a firebrand had been cast thereon. Second Fight at Independence WHILE at the house of Charles Cowherd, a courier came up with the information that Independence, which had not been garrisoned for some little time, was again in possession of a company of militia. Another attack was resolved upon. On the night of February 20, 1862, Quantrell marched

  • it was to get darker and darker
  • for the beautiful town. Swinging
  • back past Independence from the east the day
  • after it had been charged, Quantrell mo
ved up


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to the vicinity of the town and waited there for daylight. The first few faint streaks in the East constituted the signal. There was a dash altogether down South Main Street, a storm of cheers and bullets, a roar of iron feet on the rocks o

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